Water Saving Tips


Water is something that a lot of us do not think of as a limited resource. It is so easy to just turn on a tap and get a glass of water. We think that because it is being recycled through the earths natural water cycle and so much of the Earth is covered with water that we don’t need to be concerned.
However, less than 1% of water on Earth can be used because the rest of the planets water is salty or frozen. Saving water is good for not only your wallet but also the earth, your family, and your community. Here are some tips for saving water and how much water you will save daily:

Replace higher flow shower heads (those installed prior to 1993) with low flow shower heads (5 Gallons)
Shorten your shower time by 2 minutes (5 Gallons)
Fill the bathtub only half full when taking a bath (5 Gallons)
Fix leaking toilets (2 Gallons)
Replace older, inefficient toilets (those installed prior to 1993) (8 Gallons)
Fix dripping faucets (2 Gallons)
Replace high flow sink aerators with low flow sink aerators (4 Gallons)
Turn off the water while brushing your teeth (2 Gallons)
Don’t leave the water running while shaving (4 Gallons)
Scraping instead of rinsing your dishes by hand before putting them in the dishwasher (6 Gallons)
Limit dish washing to one full load a day or fewer (2 Gallons)
Make a compost pile instead of using the garbage disposal (2 Gallons)
Keep a pitcher of cold water to drink in the fridge instead of running the faucet (4 Gallons)
Replace washing machine with high efficiency EnergyStar model (5 Gallons)
Cut back by one load of laundry a week (4 Gallons)

Adam BurlesonComment