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Agreement Details

(This contract agreement will be printed and filled out in the store by the customer and HVAC service manager. If contract not filled out prior to work completion than servicing will be billed as time and material only.)

Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company, and     ___________________________________________, hereafter referred to as customer, hereby agree that Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company will provide services as described below, located at: Address__________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________________State____________Zip__________________ In consideration of, Contract amount $__________________ on this date of _____________________.

Email: __________________________________________


 Total units covered, _______________________________________________(Number)____

Equipment Info: Listed on attached page.


1. Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, Gas Furnace, Gas Boiler, Water Furnace, Air Cleaner and Dehumidifier Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Service. (2 per year)

A. Inspect all covered equipment and perform preventative maintenance services Including, but not limited to,

Check system refrigerant level and operating pressures

Clean Condenser and Evaporator coils (Optional Add On)

Clean primary and secondary condensate drain pans

Replace or clean air filter per manufacturer

B. Furnish all materials and labor required to perform maintenance service.

C.  Advise customer or His/Her representative when equipment shut down is required for other than normal service.


1. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to notify the company of desired dates for maintenance; we recommend scheduling at least four weeks to six weeks in advance. However, we can notify customer if there is an opening.

2. You can schedule service by calling us or by completing a “Service Request” form on our website.

3.  If you cannot make a previously scheduled appointment, 24-hour notice is appreciated. If we are not able to access your home for a scheduled appointment, a $30 “No-Show” fee will be charged.

4. During prolonged extreme weather conditions - heat and cold spells - maintenance checks may be rescheduled to accommodate Agreement members without heat or air conditioning.

5.  To alleviate any questions/concerns we ask that homeowner be present during servicing. If homeowner approves the maintenance to be completed without anyone at home then the homeowner must trust that Burleson Plumbing & Heating will complete work agreed upon in this document.


1.  The service agreement is an annual fee and must be paid in full before scheduling of maintenance can occur. In the event the agreement is paid for with monthly payments then the first servicing will be delayed one season.

2.  The effective date of this Agreement is the date of receipt of payment or first payment with monthly payments.

3. This Agreement is non-refundable, in whole or in part.

4. There will be no refunds or credits for partial service. No exceptions will be made. Upgrades will be handled on a case by case basis.

5. The rates for and in this Agreement may be adjusted annually to reflect current costs and warranty.

6. No service will be rendered under this Agreement if the customer has a past-due account with Burleson Plumbing & Heating.

Initial: _____


1.  Program excludes units using R-22 refrigerant, over 10 years of age, or that Burleson Plumbing & Heating did not install (unless otherwise approved).

2.  Any material and labor in addition to that specified in this agreement will be furnished only on customer authorization, and will be paid for by the customer as an additional charge.

3.  Electrical lines, plumbing lines, and refrigeration lines are not covered. Air conditioner water valves, main water valves, heat recovery systems, water filters, solar systems, main circuit breakers, electrical circuit breaker panel, light bulbs, stoppages in main drain lines, and non-mechanical parts such as door gaskets are not covered. Any air filters that are non 1” 30 day filters are not covered.

4.  Work necessary to gain access to covered equipment is not included in the service agreement.

5.  Work or repairs made necessary by enforcement of existing or future building codes is not included in the service agreement.

6.  Refinishing or replacement of any walls, floors, or ceilings is not included in the service agreement.

7.  Repairs due to rust, corrosion, electrolysis, and obsolescence are not included in the service agreement.

8. If any repairs are needed customer will receive a 10% discount on parts for being a loyal maintenance agreement customer for HVAC repairs pertaining to this agreement.

9. Maintenance agreement is non-transferable in the event that the equipment is sold, or sold as part of the structure in the event of selling the home or business.

10.          If agreement is set up for monthly payments then first servicing will be delayed one season.


Initial: _____


Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company will not be liable for loss or damage consequential or direct, arising from the operation or failure of the equipment or its controls, or for work done on the equipment by others. Fires, water contamination, power failure, power surge, or acts of God are not covered by this agreement. All repairs due to the above will be done on a time and materials basis or by bid quotation upon proper authorization by the customer. This agreement may be terminated without obligation upon 30 day written notice. Failure on the part of the customer to make payment when due shall relieve Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company of the entire obligation of this agreement. It is understood that all covered equipment is in proper operating condition at the time of signing this agreement, and that any intentional misrepresentation as to the condition or age of the equipment shall relieve Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company of its obligation to repair the equipment.

EFFECTIVE DATE __________________________ EXPIRATION DATE ___________________________

Submitted By: Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company HVAC  Dept. burlesonplumbing@gmail.com

Signed By _______________________________________________ Date __________________

Terms of Payment:____________________

Accepted By _____________________________________ Date____________ Title ________________________