Three Generations In The Family Business


Lloyd and Howard Burleson were born and raised in the Boonford community of Yancey County with their eight brothers and sisters.  At age 6, their Father had put them to work on the farm he owned in Burleson Holler.  He was a hard worker and he taught his boys to work hard too.

That lesson would pay off when Lloyd and Howard returned home from World War II.  After working for a time with Lindsey Gouge and Gouge Plumbing in Spruce Pine, the brothers began to talk about starting their own business.  In 1948, 22 year old Lloyd turned in his notice and left to venture out on his own.  Older brother Howard had initially planned to join him, but was lured back by Lindsey’s offer of a 50 cents raise, bringing his hourly wage to $1.25. But after Howard saw that Lloyd was not having any trouble getting work, he went to join him. The two would go on to build one of Mitchell County’s most stable and successful businesses.

2008 marked the 60th anniversary of Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company Inc.  The company was started in 1948 on Lower Street in Spruce Pine and later expanded to include a building on upper street. In 1959, they moved to the present location on the corner of Highland Avenue and Summit Avenue. In 1980, they acquired the adjoining lot and built this location. An addition was built onto the same building in 1983.

At one point the company, with brother-in-law Eugene Young, brothers Lawrence and Claude Burleson, along with many other employees, were able to build houses from the ground up. Today, there are several homes in the tri-county area that were built by “The Burlesons” in this era.

Concentrating on plumbing and heating primarily, this is still the backbone of the company today.

Burleson Plumbing & Heating Company also has a full scale kitchen and bathroom showroom, cabinets and counter tops, all types of plumbing fixtures, tubs, whirlpools and faucets. We have backhoe services to install water lines, septic tanks and all types of digging projects. We also carry all types of pipe and fittings, metal and plastic road culvert, cement tiles, plastic reservoirs, and plastic septic tanks.

Today, Burleson Plumbing & Heating employs 40 men and women including the office personnel, inside sales and plumbing and heating installers in the field. Lloyd Burleson passed away in March 2015. Howard Burleson’s untimely death of a heart attack in April 1988 left a void in the business as well as in the lives of many that knew him. Since that time, the business has continued under the direction of Kenny Burleson  and in 2009 added the third generation of family with the full time hiring of Adam Burleson who is Kenny’s son. Upon graduating for Appalachian State University with a degree in business management Adam has implemented web and social media presence as well as an inventory management system. In 2015, after the death of Lloyd Burleson, Adam became acting Vice President of the company.


Written by R.M.Cassidy in tribute to his dear friend, Howard Burleson,

and read at his funeral at Grassy Creek Baptist Church, April 11, 1988

Though gone from us to heaven about,
To await our arrival there,
His memory will linger on with us,
Whose lives he touched down here.

May each of us who are left behind,
To continue our journey on,
Be inspired by the life of Howard,
Who waits to welcome us home.

My Friend Howard
He did not have as much to say
As other Christians do,
He just lived for Jesus every day,
And let his light shine through.

He spoke for Jesus by his life
Among his fellow man,
By all the kindly deeds he did,
In extending a helping hand.

He loved his family and his Lord,
His church and friends do dear,
When needs arose for each of them,
His help was always near.